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Buy 1 SwingPerfect and SwingPerfect Stretch FREE!

Practice with SwingPerfect and you WILL develop your own “CONNECTED” golf swing,

The unique design of SwingPerfect incorporates 5 feedback sensors that are perfectly positioned and mounted on durable latex bands.

The 5 sensors provide you with an unparalleled level of rotational feedback and awareness just when you need it the most.

you’ll create effortless power and, you WILL make crisper and cleaner ball-contact much more consistently.

You WILL begin to hit your BEST golf shot EVERY shot!

  • By focusing on the sensor feedback and maintaining constant tension in the bands you can concentrate MORE on your golf-swing PROCESS and LESS on your golf swing-OUTCOME.
  • Follow our simple and highly effective practice routine and you WILL easily and quickly develop a reliable CONNECTED golf-swing HABIT
  •  With SWINGPERFECT you will develop your own “connected” golf swing, create effortless power and deliver the clubface back to the ball much more consistently.
  • Your SWINGPERFECT will be shipped with a convenient carry bag and instruction guide.