How to Use the All-in-One Training System

The All-in-One is a valuable tool when practicing or when working with an instructor who can easily isolate any challenges you may be encountering. This training solution has been thoughtfully designed to help golfers of all skill level with these essential fundamentals:

  • Stance & Posture
  • Alignment & Ball Position
  • Swing Plane
  • Putting
  • Chipping
  • Fitness
  • Balance
  • Tempo



The simplest way to get into the correct stance is by first gripping the club as you normally would while standing erect. The width of your stance is determined by the club―with a wedge stance being the narrowest and the driver the widest.

Bend forward at the hips while keeping the back in a natural position (be careful not to slouch) until the club rests on the ground. Then simply unlock your knees. You hand position relative to your body should be below your chin. Your posture should look something like the following:

Use the alignment rod in the All-in-One to check that your back is naturally straight. You can also place the alignment rod in the ground at 90 degrees. Then check that there is a straight line from the arches of your feet through the center of your knees and hips.



The All-In-One helps you with two very important fundamentals in creating and maintaining proper alignment and ball position.

As seen above, the All-in-One’s simple yet unique ability to create a perfect 90-degree angle allows you to place your feet in the proper position for every shot. To achieve perfect alignment to your target, begin by placing an alignment rod pointing at your target, a safe distance behind where you strike the ball. Then place the All-in-One on the ground

parallel to the alignment rod. Run the second alignment rod through the All-in-One to create a perfect 90-degree angle and position it so that it points at the ball.

The All-in-One allows you to experiment with different ball positions to create different shots.

For standard iron shots place the lead foot about the length of a club head (4 inches) in front of the position of the ball. The trail leg adjusts according to the club. A wedge calls for a narrow stance while mid-to high irons call for a wider stance. However, for all standard shots the lead foot remains static. Adjust the trail leg to suit the club. Only for the driver and specific wedge shots would the lead foot position change. For the driver, the general ball position would be opposite the heel of the lead foot. For low trajectory wedge shots, the ball position would be nearer the trail foot.



The concept of “swing plane” was pioneered by the late Ben Hogan. The All-in-One’s unique ability to be off the ground allows you to picture the correct plane for each club in your bag. Every club when placed correctly on the ground from a proper stance will create its own unique angle, which is the basis of the swing plane.

Take the All-in-One and position it above the ground using the two ground spikes. Then take the two alignment rods and place them at the same angle as is created by the club.

The correct plane can be then seen here as the club is brought back in the takeaway. While rehearsing your swing try to maintain the club parallel to the alignment rods.




The All-in-One was also designed to help you get better with your short game. When putting, the numbering on the All-in-One allows you to see the distance of your back and forward swing. Putting is an individual thing but you can experiment with different motions and gauge which works best for you. The All-in-One’s unique ground spikes enable you to achieve perfect alignment to your intended target.



The average golfer has a complicated chipping stroke. The All-in-One helps the golfer to maintain a simple, uncomplicated chipping stroke. Be sure to aim the All-in-One parallel to your target. Then position your legs so that they just under shoulder-width apart. Positioning your feet too close together will only put you off balance. Once your shoulders, knees and feet are aligned with the All-in-One, open your lead foot slightly. This will open your hips to provide clearance for your stroke. Your weight should favour the lead foot. Allow the natural face angle of the club to dictate the hand position and grip down for better control. Then allow the All-in-One to provide a great visual guide in producing a simple back-and-thru stroke.



The All-in-One is heavier, longer and sturdier than and average golf club. This makes it a great aid to develop fitness. You can swing the All-in-One as a warmup aid and to strengthen your golfing muscles. When you swing the All-in-One, do not focus on speed but maintain a good tempo. Ensure you are in the correct posture and maintain your balance. After 5 minutes of swinging the weighted All-in-One, take an alignment rod and swing it several times with an emphasis on gradually increasing speed. Concentrate on producing the swoosh sound right in front of you. You can also perform positional isometric exercises with the All-in-One. Finally, the All-in-One serves as a balancing aid when performing a variety of stretching exercises.



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